Roll on perfume No.13 Amber, Chocolate, Guava & Gardenia

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Roll-On Perfume Blend No. 13 Amber, Chocolate, Guava & Gardenia

Our favorite things in one fabulous perfume blend. Dark Chocolate and Tahitian Gardenia perfectly balanced with lush Guava fruit and sweet Amber.

Mélange Roll-On Perfumes are inspired by the most coveted fragrance notes in custom blending. Alcohol- free, each perfume is carefully crafted by hand in a base of natural Coconut Oil Fractions and Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil, which leave the integrity of the fragrance notes intact and adds a rich dimension to our perfumes. Numbered in an archive format, each blend is a tribute to a carefully selected set fragrance notes using the highest quality essential oils and hybrid fragrances available. Wear your perfumes alone or layer them.