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Mini Hand Cream - Soothing Provence

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Panier Des Sens 30ML Hand cream, Soothing Provence.

Thanks to its formulation with 20% shea butter, this cream has an ultra-nourishing texture and is quickly absorbed leaving noting but soft, supple skin, day after day. Specific care or daily use, this cream is an essential for soft and repared hands !

How to use : Apply regularly from fingertips to wrists.

Soothing Provence: The essence of Provence,this fragrance is a mix of lemon, artemisiaand cypress essential oils. The citrus essential oils quicken body dynamism with their fruity and sunny scents and help to reduce tiredness of the epidermis. The cypress essential oil brings power and warmth to the fragrance while the artemisiabalance properties soften our formulas for a daily care use.